Three Reasons Why Miguel Cabrera is a Top 10 Fantasy Pickup


Opening Day is in less than 2 months. So that can only mean one thing: time to think about fantasy baseball!

ESPN’s Tristan Cockcroft took a look at MLB players, and ranked his top 250, in terms of fantasy. Here’s a snapshot of the top 15 on this list (which you can find HERE): top 15 fantasy

Now, can someone please tell me why Miguel Cabrera is 15th on here? The same guy who took the Triple Crown not too long ago, and holds the 2015 batting title, is 15th on a fantasy list? I’ll give you a few reasons why Miggy should be at least in the top 10. Warning: I may be a biased Tigers fan.

1) Cabrera has an excellent résumé. 

Triple Crown, 2 MVP awards, 5 Silver Slugger awards, need I say more? This guy can hit, and even while dealing with an injury last year managed to win the batting title. Everybody who follows baseball cannot help but acknowledge Cabrera, no matter how much they hate Detroit.

2) He may be old, but he can still hit.

Cabrera hasn’t hit below .313 since 2008 (his first year with Detroit). Take a look at the stats, does Miggy look like a guy that gets worse as he ages?

miggy stats

Cabrera is the almost the oldest on Cockcroft’s top 15, but I don’t think that he’s last.

3) He’s a great investment.

Cabrera is one of the top baseball players in the game. Even if you pick him up in the first round, and he gets hurt, you’re going to have somebody that’ll be willing to trade with you (that was my team last year, I was able to get Torii Hunter for Miggy in the beginning of July, while Torii was kinda hot. Torii ended up getting kicked to the curb in September, but by then it didn’t matter, my team was already far from the playoffs). Or you may already be in a great playoff spot, and Miggy gets injured. In that case, you can wait him out, and make it in the playoffs.

Because of those three reasons, I will definitely be drafting Cabrera in the first round, if possible. Not feeling convinced, think that I’m completely wrong? Say what’s on your mind in the comments.

– Baseball Freak


3 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why Miguel Cabrera is a Top 10 Fantasy Pickup

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