Famous Baseball Nicknames

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v. New York Yankees

Retired New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter “Mr. November”

I decided to have some fun with an article and look up some famous baseball nicknames and here’s what I found:

Babe Ruth: Sultan of Swat, the Great Bambino, the King of Sting

Pablo Sandoval: Kung Fu Panda

Shane Victorino: The Flyin’ Hawaiian

Rickey Henderson: Man of Steel

Mariano Rivera: Sandman

Joakim Soria: The Mexicutioner

David Ortiz: Big Papi

Frank Thomas: The Big Hurt

Reggie Jackson: Mr. October

Derek Jeter: Mr. November

Al Kaline: Mr. Tiger

Tony Gwynn: Mr. Padre

Ernie Banks: Mr. Cub

Willie Mays: Say Hey Kid

Mark Fidrych: The Bird

Randy Johnson: The Big Unit

Hank Aaron: The Hammerin’ Hank


Of course these are just some of the most well known ones. There are plenty more out there! Which ones are your favorite? Any ones you can remember?


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