New Spring Training Unis and Caps


MLB revealed some new Spring Training baseball hats and uniforms that all teams will be wearing during the 2016 Spring Training season. Some are definitely bold and definitely pop. So far, there have been mixed reactions about these uniforms, but people are definitely talking about these. So, I’d like to show some of the new designs!


The caps above are the main hats’ designs that have been changed for this year’s preseason. The White Sox cap includes their “batter’s up” logo that is definitely a departure from the traditional “Chicago” or “Sox” logos. The Tigers are introducing an all-orange cap, and it is bright. The Dodgers departed from their usual “LA” logo and features the Dodger “D” from their uniforms. The Blue Jays’s cap shows a maple leaf and and more of a navy-blue than the usual Blue Jays blue. The Royals cap added the crown to the top of the “KC” patch. The Rangers added an outline of the state of Texas behind the “T”.


All teams will have a Spring Training patch on their sleeve indicating whether they play in the Grapefruit League (Florida) or the Cactus League (Arizona) for the spring.


The jerseys above are just a few of the new Spring Training jersey styles. Of course, the White Sox jersey will feature their “batter-up” logo similar to their cap. The Rays will feature a literal “ray”. The Dbacks have about 10 jerseys for just the regular season this year, so of course they’re going to feature a new bold Spring Training jersey.

These are just some of the new designs for Spring Training. Love ’em? Hate ’em? Either way, these new arrivals have a bigger meaning: Spring Training and the MLB season is just around the corner.


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