Adam LaRoche v. White Sox: Update #2


This story now gets more news than baseball itself…

I’m now on my second update, and will continue to follow this story’s progress. You can can get email updates by signing up to our email list, which you can do on the right side of our website.

So what’s in this new update?

In case you haven’t heard about Adam LaRoche and his controversy with the Chicago White Sox, you can check out an explanation HERE. But here’s the short explanation:

The White Sox’s First Baseman and DH, Adam LaRoche, has decided to retire. But that’s not the controversial part. He is supposed to be leaving the MLB because the White Sox have asked him to reduce his son’s involvement with the clubhouse.

LaRoche’s son, 14 year-old Drake, had been participating in clubhouse activities for all of last season, and Spring Training so far this year, under the permission of the White Sox’s manager. He had his own locker, jersey, everything. He was the unofficial “26th Man”.

But LaRoche didn’t like the idea of reducing Drake’s clubhouse time, so decided to retire a little early, with one year and $13 Million left on his contract. The baseball world was stunned.


Now the story has gotten even more confusing than it was in my first update.

According to Bleacher Report, LaRoche has said, “I was told not to bring [Drake] to the ballpark at all. Obviously, I expressed my displeasure toward this decision to alter the agreement we had reached before I signed with the White Sox. Upon doing so, I had to make a decision. Do I choose my teammates and my career? Or do I choose my family? The decision was easy, but in no way was it a reflection of how I feel about my teammates, manager, general manager or the club’s owner”.

So, according to LaRoche, he was told not to bring his son with him at all, contrasted with what the White Sox has said, which was that LaRoche was only asked to reduce his son’s participation.

In the same Bleacher Report article, White Sox players reportedly complained to staff about Drake’s presence in the clubhouse, instead of staff complaining.

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