3 Things I Learned at My First Spring Training Ballgame


So I went to a spring training game for the first time in my life the other day. Took some great pictures, had a great experience. Even got to see Rollie Fingers in the flesh. Also learned a few things…


Trout smashes a dead-center HR, first pitch he saw!

1) Tickets are a little overpriced

I basically paid regular season prices to see a Triple-A game. Starters only played 4 innings at the most. Granted, the seats were pretty good because the ballpark was smaller than usual, and I nearly caught two foul balls (I’m currently at a total of zero…). But still, if I wanted to see a minor league game, I could’ve gotten better-priced tickets by going to that.


Crisp hits a line drive HR into the right field corner!

2) Games don’t really matter

If there’s anything I learned during my time at the ballpark, it’s that the A’s are extremely lazy during Spring Training. Outfielders bouncing balls back to the infield, the team making four errors throughout the game, losing 11-3, it was hard for an A’s fan to watch.

Thankfully, I don’t care about the A’s. I went to the game sporting my Miguel Cabrera jersey (I know they didn’t play, but I wasn’t the only one with a Miggy jersey). I went to the game because baseball is baseball, and it was going to be my only chance to see Albert Pujols, which is a huge check off my bucket list.


Pujols is hit by a curveball on his surgically-repaired right foot, was taken out of the game with right foot contusion

3) Many fans of different teams come to watch the game

Coming from Detroit, I’m used to everybody wearing either a Tigers jersey, or the opposing team’s jersey. At Spring Training, seems like everybody wore whichever team was their favorite. Even saw a few fellow Tigers (ran into one and got complimented on my Detroit hat and Cabrera jersey).

So that’s all I have to say about my Spring Training experience, here are some more pictures that were taken. Feel free comment about your own experience below!




















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