Pablo Sandoval and His $17 Million Will Ride the Bench

Red Sox manager John Farrell has announced that 2-time All-Star third-baseman Pablo Sandoval will begin the season on the Red Sox bench. Travis Shaw will begin the season at the hot corner.

Just last offseason, Sandoval signed a monster deal with Red Sox leaving behind the San Francisco Giants who he won multiple World Series with. Sandoval will make a whopping $17 million while on the bench (at least initially). He still has $75 million over four years left in his contract.

Sandoval commented that it’s the right decision, and manager Farrell commented that Shaw’s defense was key for this surprising decision. The Red Sox have shown that past lucrative contracts given by former management will not dictate the lineup.

This post will be updated as we get more updates. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, did you see this coming? Any thoughts on Sandoval on the bench?


2 thoughts on “Pablo Sandoval and His $17 Million Will Ride the Bench

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