Albert Pujols Passes Reggie Jackson in All-Time Home Run List

Albert Pujols

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Mr. October was a great baseball player, my dad’s favorite. My nickname is actually from Reggie.

Jackson isn’t known for his total number of home runs as much as he’s known for when he hit them. An example is shown below:

So that’s how he became to be known as Mr. October.

But who dares to challenge this great player?

Albert Pujols, that’s who.

About an hour ago, The Machine decided that he’s going to take Jackson down, to become 13th on the all-time home run list in Major League Baseball.

You can check out the video HERE.

The event is so new, it hasn’t come out on YouTube yet (except for a fan’s recording, but he didn’t show the actual home run).

Even though he passed Mr. October, a man that ranks up pretty high on my all-time favorites list, I think the Pujols just got over him. Barely.

(On a side note, got to see The Machine play for the first time in my life about a month ago in Spring Training. A check off my bucket list! I’ll include the pictures in case you guys want to see.)




Pujols walks to first after being hit by a curveball on his right foot, came out of the game with right foot contusion. Scary to see!


3 thoughts on “Albert Pujols Passes Reggie Jackson in All-Time Home Run List

  1. Congratulations to Albert as there’s no better guy to pass Mr. October on this tremendous list. I still have not forgiven MLB for allowing the records of so many greats to be broken by those who used PEDs. Thankfully, I’ve been able to see the careers of Reggie, Ken Griffey Jr., and Albert to know that these guys truly backed up their numbers naturally and can be judged on the scale set by Hank Aaron, not Barry Bonds.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Cool Pappa!

      It is sad that the MLB allows PED users to break the records of those who have played without using PEDs. I think that because of the Black Sox, the MLB is super sensitive about betting on baseball. It only takes one offense to be permanently banned. With PEDs, however, it will have to take three or more. Chris Colabello was just banned 80 games for using PEDs.

      I think that using PEDs should have a bigger punishment. Being banned for half a season probably isn’t going to stop anybody for trying their odds again with PEDs.


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