GRT’s 2016 All-Star Game Ballot

With only a few weeks left to vote for the 2016 Midsummer Classic, the GRT team has decided to share our picks and explain our reasoning as well. Without further ado,  GRT’s 2016 All-Star Game ballot:

American League

C: Salvador Perez. Perez leads AL catchers in WAR, HRs, RBIs, AVG, SLG, and wRC+. He’s simply the best catcher offensively and defensively in the American League.

1B: Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera leads all AL first baseman in WAR, second in HRs, third in runs scored, fourth in RBIs, second in AVG, second in OBP, first in SLG, and first in wRC+. A close second would be Kansas City’s Eric Hosmer.

2B: Jose Altuve. Altuve leads AL second baseman in WAR, stolen bases, OBP, second in AVG and wRC+. He’s a true all-around talent. There are several worthy All-Star second baseman this year such as Cano and Kinsler, but Altuve is my pick.

3B: Josh Donaldson. This one was very close between the reigning MVP and Manny Machado. But Donaldson won out in the end for me because he leads AL third baseman in runs, RBIs, OBP, wRC+, and WAR. He’s also second in HRs and SLG.

SS: Xander Bogaerts. This was much easier to pick for me. Bogaerts leads AL shortstops in runs, RBIs, AVG, OBP, SLG, wRC+, and WAR. He’s easily the run away pick for the starting shortstop nod in the AL. The closest would be Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor.

OF: Mike Trout. This is an obvious pick. Trout is one of the best players in the league and he’s having another great season. Trout leads AL outfielders in OBP and WAR, and is in the top three in runs and wRC+

OF: Mookie Betts. Betts is having a great year and he deserves to start the All-Star Game. He leads AL outfielders in runs and is in the top three in categories such as WAR, stolen bases, and RBIs.

OF: Mark Trumbo. Trumbo is having a monster season playing in Camden Yards, and his numbers reflect a resurgence. Trumbo leads AL outfielders in home runs with 20 long balls and runs batted in with 50.

DH: David Ortiz. Big Papi is finishing his career on a high note and it’s fitting that he should start his final All-Star Game as he finishes his career as one of the greatest designated hitters to play the game. Ortiz is second only to Trumbo in HRs, to Encarnacion in RBIs, and then first in batting average with a .344 clip, OBP, SLG, wRC+, and WAR among DHs.

National League:

C: Jonathan Lucroy. Lucroy is having another great season, and if he’s still in the National League by the time the ASG rolls around, Lucroy is the clear pick. He leads NL backstops in WAR and is in the top for categories like HRs, runs, RBIs, AVG, OBP, SLG, and wRC+. Wilson Ramos and Buster Posey would be the runners-up for me.

1B: Anthony Rizzo. There isn’t a clear favorite at this position. Paul Goldschmidt, Wil Myers, and Brandon Belt all have excellent cases. But Rizzo trails only Myers in WAR, Chris Carter in home runs, Myers in runs, Brandon Moss in SLG, and Belt in wRC+. He also leads all NL first baseman in RBIs.

2B: Daniel Murphy. Murphy is in a neck-and-neck race with Ben Zobrist for me. They’re tied for the NL lead amongst second baseman in WAR with 2.9 apiece. Murphy has the upper hand in home runs, RBIs, AVG, SLG, and wRC+. Zobrist has the upper hand in runs and OBP.

3B: Nolan Arenado. There are a couple solid choices at this position such as Bryant and Carpenter, but Arenado is the most deserving of them in my opinion. Arenado leads NL third baseman in HRs (with a whopping 21), RBIs, SLG, and WAR.

SS: Corey Seager. There isn’t a clear favorite for this nod, but I would give it to NL Rookie of the Year favorite Corey Seager. He’s second to Trevor Story in long balls, first in runs, fourth in RBIs, third in SLG, wRC+, and WAR.

OF: Bryce Harper. Harper is having another MVP-caliber season. He’s fourth with 15 HRs, fifth in runs, seventh in RBIs, fourth in OBP, and fifth in WAR amongst NL outfielders.

OF: Yoenis Cespedes. Yoenis is second in HRs with 18, fifth in RBIs, fourth in SLG, second in wRC+, and has 2.1 WAR.

OF: Carlos Gonzalez. CarGo is my final pick though there are other worthy players like Dexter Fowler, Gregory Polanco, and Adam Duvall. CarGo is fourth with 15 HRs, second in runs, fifth in AVG, seventh in SLG, and has 2.0 WAR.

These are GRT’s 2016 All-Star Game selections. Feel free to comment and let us know if you agree or disagree with some of our picks.


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