Happy 6 Month Anniversary, GRT!

itunes take 2

Yeah, it’s the Fourth of July, but there’s another thing that’s special about this day. It marks the 6 month anniversary of Ground Rule Triple!

Going into 2016, I had this crazy idea to start a baseball blog, and invited Lil’ Veezy to join me. A few days later, we’re pumping out posts like Three Reasons Why Miguel Cabrera is a Top 10 PickupPlayoff Bound Team Spend Smart, and 2016 AL Rookie of the Year Candidates (which is our most popular post thus far).

Entering February, we joined the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, which took our blog to the next level. It gave us the encouragement to keep GRT going, despite going through busy times as college students.

I just want to thank all of our viewers and followers so far, and a special thanks to those who have been there since the beginning, like Becky at Strikeouts and Sprinkles, and Maria at She Talks Baseball.

Want to become a follower too? Just click on the big Subscribe button on the right side of the site, up at the top of the page!

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope to see you guys again in another 6 months!


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