Cody Stanley Suspended for PEDs, but Did He Receive the Wrong Punishment?


Not sure if you guys have heard, but yet another Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) suspension has been dished out.

But before I explain the details, I’d like to go into the official PED rules in the MLB.

official mlb ped rules

According to the official rules, as seen above, the first PED violation drops an 80-game suspension, followed by 162 games for the second, and ending with a lifetime ban on the third offense.

Feel good about it? Great, because there will be a test coming soon. Now that everybody is on the same terms about the rules, let’s investigate the suspension.

Cody Stanley, a free agent catcher, has just been given a 162-game suspension as a punishment for his third offense.

Remember those rules up there that say the third violation presents a lifetime ban? What’s going on here?

Here’s the problem for the public. Nobody really knows what number offense this is for Stanley, which is sad when you think about it. Some, including ESPN, report that it is Stanley’s second offense, while other sources like CBS Sports has said that it is his third.

So I did some digging because I wanted to know what the truth was. I ended up coming across an article from from 2015, explaining how in September Stanley tested positive in a PED test for the second time.

So, according to the MLB’s website, today’s suspension should mark Stanley’s third violation.

Next question: why did Stanley only receive a 162-game suspension when he shouldn’t even be allowed in the league anymore? That question is still awaiting an answer…

I’ll be back with more information as I receive it.


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