Final 2016 NL MVP Update

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I think it’s clear that the favorite for the NL MVP is 2015 NL Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant. He’s led the Cubs to over a 100 wins in their quest for a World Series title. Making a leap from Rookie of the Year to MVP is special in itself, as we’ve seen Trout and Harper both do it recently, but to do it in back-to-back seasons would be extremely remarkable. However, there are some other worthy candidates that deserve recognition.

Kris Bryant: 

  • 2nd in HRs (39)
  • Scored the Most Runs (121)
  • 4th in SLG (.554)
  • 4th in OPS (.939)
  • 4th in wRC+ (149)
  • Most fWAR (8.4)
  • Most bWAR (7.7)

Corey Seager:

  • 5th in Runs Scored (105)
  • 2nd in fWAR (7.5)
  • 2nd in bWAR (6.9)

Daniel Murphy:

  • 4th in RBIs (104)
  • 2nd in AVG (.347)
  • Highest SLG (.595)
  • Highest OPS (.985)
  • 2nd in wRC+ (156)

Nolan Arenado:

  • T-Most HRs in the National League (41)
  • 2nd in Runs Scored (116)
  • Most RBIs in the National League (133)
  • 2nd in SLG (.570)

Anthony Rizzo:

  • 2nd in RBIs (109)
  • 5th in wRC+ (145)


These are all very worthy candidates for the MVP, and depending on your interpretation of the MVP award, there’s a strong case for each of these players.

Here are my rankings:

  1. Kris Bryant
  2. Daniel Murphy
  3. Nolan Arenado

Who do you think will be the three finalists? Will this year’s Rookie of the Year favorite squeak into the final three? Will last year’s Rookie of the Year run away with the MVP? Comment!


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