Trouble in the Desert… Will the Dbacks Be Moving?


Major League Baseball is unhappy with Chase Field’s conditions, even to the point of possibly relocating the Diamondbacks.

According to Rebekah L. Sanders, “Major League Baseball officials are so alarmed by recent equipment breakdowns at Chase Field that they might require the Arizona Diamondbacks to leave Phoenix unless the county government pays for millions of dollars in stadium repairs, an attorney for the team warned Tuesday.”

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Happy 6 Month Anniversary, GRT!

itunes take 2

Yeah, it’s the Fourth of July, but there’s another thing that’s special about this day. It marks the 6 month anniversary of Ground Rule Triple!

Going into 2016, I had this crazy idea to start a baseball blog, and invited Lil’ Veezy to join me. A few days later, we’re pumping out posts like Three Reasons Why Miguel Cabrera is a Top 10 PickupPlayoff Bound Team Spend Smart, and 2016 AL Rookie of the Year Candidates (which is our most popular post thus far).

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Ground Rule Triple Radio – Guest Show with Daniel Venn


(Photo courtesy of Daniel Venn)

Remember all those times you played ball on a lush green field, groomed to perfection. The grass was the perfect green color, recently cut. The infield was raked, and the chalk lines were newly placed.

Now, how would you feel if we took away all the grass, including the outfield? Wouldn’t look as good, right? Same thing with the chalk lines, gone. Want a raked field? You don’t have a rake.

You might be saying, “Well, at least we can still play”. But now I want to take away even more. Imagine that you don’t even have a glove, a bat, a ball. Can you play ball now? Without that equipment, you can’t.

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